About me

I am a PhD student in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Imperial College Business School. I joined Imperial in 2019. Previously, I spent eight years studying and working in South Bend and Chicago.

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Current research focus

  • Ecosystems, governance, organizational design
  • DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), crypto, public goods, commons
  • Communities, collective action, social movements

:arrow_right: Check out my collection of Resources for DAO & Crypto Governance Research :arrow_left:

More on my research interests and current projects.

Wisdom and Knowledge of communities and crowds

Via blogs, Twitter, and other parts of the Web.

Academic Writing in Markdown

:pencil: Markdown helps me focus on the writing rather than organizing and formatting. See how to set up your workflow for academic writing in Markdown.

Software/tools that I am currently using:

  • Zettlr (Zettelkasten, best integration with Zotero: in-app look up citation, one click to open associated PDF)
  • Obsidian (Zettelkasten, similar to Roam Research but offline. Local network graphs!)
  • Roam-Highligher - Chrome Extension (great to taking notes on webpages and paste highlights in markdown)
  • HackMD (Zettelkasten, GitHub integration, online collboration, publish, comments)

Research resources and tools

A growing database of research softwares(DEVONthink, Notion, Stata), research methods(rtweet, workshops, and online courses (CARMA).

Check it out via Notion.so

Essential tools:

  • Inoreader (powerful automation tools to tag, highlight, and monitor keywords)
  • Pandoc, Zotero & Better BibTex (citation & reference)
  • Alfred, Keyboard Maestro & Better Touch Tools (automation)