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OpenAI Assistant & Discord Chatbot


Discord bot leveraging OpenAI’s Assistants and the Discord API to facilitate engaging literature-focused conversations



GPTs I created thoughout my journey to explore the potential of AI in research.

Academic Writing


Lessons and Tips for Wrting and Research


Blockchain Scholars


(Growing) List of scholars working on blockchain-related studies in the field of management and adjacent fields (e.g., finance, law, information system).

Teaching Case: MakerDAO


A teaching case to help students understand the unique aspects of collectively managing and growing a DAO.



ASQ Interview - Ter Wal, Criscuolo, McEvily and Salter (2020). Dual Networking: How Collaborators Network in Their Quest for Innovation

Published in The ASQ Blog, 2021

Nadine Scholz from King’s College London, King’s Business School and I interviewed Anne ter Wal, Associate Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at Imperial College Business School, about his recent co-authored paper on “Dual Networking”.

Recommended citation: Lin, Xule, and Scholz, Nadine. “Ter Wal, Criscuolo, McEvily and Salter (2020). Dual Networking: How Collaborators Network in Their Quest for Innovation.” The ASQ Blog, June 26, 2021.

Commons and Tokens — Governance Modes in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Published in Academy of Management Proceedings, 2021

This study discovers the new, poorly understood phenomena of “Decentralized autonomous organizations” or DAOs. Posited by blockchain technology, DAOs provide an alternative solution to the collection action problem, enabling non-hierarchical communities of stakeholders to coordinate without a central authority and to achieve common goals. Examining DAOs built on Ethereum blockchain with abductive reasoning, this exploratory study investigates how governance modes emerge to address the paradox of centralized adoption of decentralized blockchain technology. A conceptual framework is proposed to provide a plausible explanation of the focal phenomena. Building on extant studies on blockchain governance, the proposed framework specifies the “layers” in the blockchain technology stack and explains how governance challenges manifest in the tensions between “commons logic” and “token logic” along with several domains.

Recommended citation: Lin, Xule. 2021. “Commons and Tokens — Governance Modes in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).” Academy of Management Proceedings 2021 (1): 16429.


Systematic Review Tools


My presentation (continuously updated) for the 2023 chat about tools for systematic reviews with incoming MRes students at Imperial College Business School’s PhD program. Zotero, AI tools, LLMs, and more.


Teaching experience 1

Undergraduate course, University 1, Department, 2014

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