“So, what are you studying?”

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Theories, contexts, and ideas

Theoretical lens

My research builds on the existing research in governance, legitimacy, organizational design, and ecosystems. Novel and emerging phenomenon drive my inquiries.

Current research interests

I am interested in the trend of decentralization in various aspects of society and the associated implications for individuals, groups, communities, organizations, and alike. In addition, I am interested in the innovation and creativity in the culinary industry.


This stream of research aims to explore how more decentralized forms of organizing are/ will be different from existing forms of organizing when it comes to venture creation, organizational learning, and innovation.

As there’s no consensus about the definitions of decentralized organizations, my research covers a range of decentralized organizations: Decentralized organizations, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), Decentralized Autonomous Corporations/Companies (DACs).

Some questions that I am investigating are:

  • How blockchain technology enables new forms of organizing that are decentralized(e.g., DAOs) ?
  • What drives the emergence and development of blockchain ecosystems?
  • What are the implications for management research (e.g., boundaries of organizations, unmediated actors, crowdsourcing)?

Innovation and creativity in culinary arts

This stream of research aims to explore how the new styles/categories of cuisine emerge and evolve through the networks of elite restaurants and chefs. These elite restaurants and chefs are consistently producing innovative and creative dishes and beverages to stay in the competition and earn prestige (i.e., Michelin stars).

Ideas and theories from other disciplines

Knowledge from outside of management research field also shapes how I develop and approach research questions.

Some examples are: