Systematic Review Tools


My presentation (continuously updated) for the 2023 chat about tools for systematic reviews with incoming MRes students at Imperial College Business School’s PhD program – big thanks to Prof. Erkko Autio FBA for the invite. We dug deep and discussed several key points: 📚

  1. Zotero: This isn’t just a reference management tool. It lets you search, manage, and retrieve PDFs, take and manage notes – it’s just about a researcher’s Swiss Army knife. 🌐

  2. AI Tools: We have various AI-Enabled tools to find relevant and under-the-radar articles. But relying on them comes with its challenges, like choosing between open-source and commercial options. 🤖

  3. Large Language Models (LLMs): These can make reviewing and summarizing texts (e.g., GPT, Llama) so much easier. They’re definitely part of the new wave of research tools to keep an eye on.

  4. Tried Research Rabbit, Elicit or Obsidian yet? They’re game-changers, providing depth to the search function, knowledge extraction, and making note management a breeze.

Check out the slides from my talk to find out more. Your feedback would be super valuable in helping me improve this work.

Tools for Systematic Review at Canva by Xule Lin